Rural & Remote Parents Conference 31st July 2019 in Dubbo.

Posted on July 31, 2019

Follow the link above to register for the day..... see the attached program for further information on the speakers & timetable.

Shopfronts will be hosted all day for you to visit, discuss and seek further information.

Head Space: Provides resources, information and tools to help develop a mentally healthy learning community to support students with emerging mental health difficulties

Royal Far West: Program that works closely with families, schools, allied health professionals and local communities to connect rural and remote Australian children with the healthcare they need in whichever way it is best delivered and based on what the family wants to achieve 

Centre for Effective Reading: Support offered for wellbeing of students with reading difficulties, including evidence based teaching of reading, individualised intervention, collaboration with families and teachers

Rural and Distance Education: Support, resources and programs that support students to access curriculum not available in their local schools, often impacted by issues impacted by access, isolation and equity 

NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) – HSC minimum standards: Information related to the monitoring of quality teaching, learning, assessment and school standards

School counsellors: Information overview on the key responsibilities and services provided by school counsellors

Learning and Wellbeing: Overview of information about services, roles and responsibilities of the department, including NDIS

Learning and Teaching: Overview of information about the services, roles and responsibilities for curriculum of the department

Aboriginal Education Consultative Group: Provides advice on all matters relevant to education and training with the mandate that this advice represents the Aboriginal community viewpoint

Isolated Children’s and Parents’ Association: Voluntary, non-profit, apolitical body dedicated to ensuring all rural and remote students have equity of access to a continuing and appropriate education 

Parents and Citizen’s Federation: Committed to a free public education system which is inclusive of all, irrespective of culture, gender, academic ability and socio-economic status

Aurora College: Virtual Selective High School, providing students in rural and remote areas the chance to study specialist subjects using the latest technology

High Performing and Gifted Education: Advice and information about policy and resources to support high performing and gifted students