The Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association of Australia had its beginning in the NSW outback town of Bourke, in April 1971. Families were struggling with drought and the consequences of such an event, and most importantly, the effects of the drought on the education of their children.

The late Mrs Pat Edgley, MBE, called a meeting to save the Bourke Hostel, which serviced families in the outlying district, from closure. Out of this has grown an amazing organisation, with branches of ICPA springing up all over Australia, and eventually its national overarching body – ICPA (Aust). In its 41 years as a volunteer organisation, ICPA has achieved much for families and children who are isolated from education. ICPA will continue to strive for equity of access to an appropriate education for these children.

THE NEW SOUTH WALES STATE COUNCIL is an elected council of office bearers consisting of:- The President; 2(two) Vice Presidents; Secretary; Treasurer; Assistant Secretary; Publicity Officer; Lone Member Officer and 4(four) Committee Members; each of whom are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association. The Council has the general control and management of the affairs, property and funds of the Association, ICPA NSW.




NSW Current State Council at a recent meeting in Dubbo. Absent Bruce Paynter & Tim Fletcher